Buckle up Buttercup…

 Memo (the Percheron mare) Picture Melissa Shelton

Memo (the Percheron mare) Picture Melissa Shelton

Vuurwerk van een ander kaliber of zoals Melissa zelf zegt Buckle up Buttercup…

De Leeuwin met een hart van goud!

Op deze laatste dag van het jaar deel ik met jullie een brief van dierenarts Melissa Shelton in de hoop dat het je ogen zal open voor het nieuwe jaar.

Afgelopen september oktober heb ik het voorrecht gehad om 3,5 week bij haar in huis te wonen, meegedraaid in het gezin, haar boerderij en haar bedrijf animalEO. Van dichtbij heb ik kunnen zien ervaren en voelen wie ze is en waar ze voor staat. De ”good the bad and the ugly” alles heb ik gezien, ervaren, gevoeld. Als een leeuwin vecht ze voor de dieren en hun welzijn het maakt niet uit of ze groot of klein zijn, allang door een ander opgegeven of haar eigen dieren.

Haar slogan animals first is niet zomaar een slogan. Ze leeft het. Nog nooit heb ik iemand meegemaakt die zo gepassioneerd, oprecht, authentiek en gedreven is als zij. Het immense verdriet als een dier ondanks alle zorgen (regulier en holistisch) het niet redde. Daar waar ik allang de handdoek in de ring zou hebben gegooid doet zij er nog een tandje boven op. Dag in dag uit geeft ze net als haar man Winston en dochter Ramie 100%  (1000% als het bestond) voor het welzijn van de dieren. Van  ‘s morgens vroeg tot ’s avonds laat, dag in dag uit ja ook op zon en feestdagen.

De brief spreekt voor zichzelf en kwam na een lange tijd van zwijgen. Maar in het licht van de vele zelfmoorden onder dierenartsen vond ze dat het tijd werd om haar mond open te doen.

Lees voordat je oordeelt. Lees het dan nog een keer en laat het bij je binnen komen.

Een fijn uiteinde en een goed begin



Buckle up buttercup…

Geschreven door dierenarts en Aromatherapeut voor dieren (DVM) Melissa Shelton

In the spirit of the week –

let’s call this Walk OUT on the Truth or Veterinary Suicide Prevention Awareness – but my bitch switch was thrown yesterday. The fact that I have veterinary colleagues, aromatherapy colleagues, and other people in this world who would decide to speak mis-truths about me repeatedly, has made me come to the conclusion that I will not be quiet about this anymore. So buckle up buttercup…

When we read articles about vets who commit suicide, they are always helping animals so much. Seem so happy on the outside, and everyone comments on how they didn’t see it coming. You know what that tells me – we need to discuss our emotions, and call our truths for truth. So here I go…

Yes, I was a distributor for Young Living at one point. And you know what, I did like it. I got involved for my human children, and the distributors and people I met, I loved and cherished for the like-minded kind hearts they were. However, the upper tiers of that company, left a lot to be desired. When sales become more important than an animal’s well-being – it becomes disgusting and dirty. And not anything I wish to be a part of.

So – MIS-TRUTH #1 – often reported to others by my fellow veterinarians such as Jodie Gruenstern, John Hanover, Susan Albright…or animal professionals such as Carol Komitor (Healing Touch for Animals), Cherie Ross, Sherry Lamarche and so many others. “I left Young Living because I wanted to make products with their oils in them, and they wouldn’t let me.” Nope – not true. I left because their quality fluctuated, and animals were being hurt. When I realized I could not rely on their quality any longer, I was out. Also, I had a clear experience with what the company would choose to do when a product problem came about. Try to shut up the person, threaten to sue, disparage the person’s credibility, and then promote the product as special, and that it should actually be bought “more” as a limited edition sort of oil. Well, I am not down for that. AND YES – I have all the emails and communications in the world to prove my side of it. So if you would like to continue to speak to others about something you know nothing about – allow me to correct you. Contact me personally – I have made this offer multiple times, yet none of you have the professional courtesy to actually make contact. Because you are NOT professional.

And let’s cover this for a moment – Dr. Jodie Gruenstern – you indeed make products containing Young Living Essential Oils within them – so this theory is absolutely unfounded.

MIS-TRUTH #2 – I stole information from Young Living books, references, or others to write my book. This is promoted the most by Cherie Ross – who has her nickers in a bunch because she has never gotten the recognition that she has hoped for from Young Living for all these years. I was warned long ago about the “Green Eyed Monster” of jealousy – and it could not be more evident than with “Royal Crown Diamond” Cherie Ross. She did want to co-write the Animal Desk Reference with me – and you know what. Writing with someone else, who only wants to use the association to promote their needs and desires…not for me. So I wrote it by myself. Did I learn things from Cherie and all Young Living distributors that is included in the book? YES – of course I did. But just as if I wrote a book on veterinary anesthesiology – my veterinary professors do not look at the book and call the information “STOLEN” – because I had learned from them in school. That is what school is – and if you are going to be mad after you teach a class – that the student now becomes the teacher – you should not be doing ANY education.

Indeed – Young Living – oh wait – LSP or Life Science Publishing did actually print material from my book within their BOOKS (not just one, but many) – without my permission. Anyone who wants to say that LSP is not Young Living is just spreading more lies… Get real – it is a legal shelter. And again, I have many emails with Mary Young giving me her blessing to write the ADR and to also format it similarly to the EODR. So if you also want to spread mis-truths about this situation – I’ll start posting said emails from the Youngs and other high ups. But fair warning – it will not look good for you. However, feel free to contact me, and I’ll be happy to enlighten anyone.

MIS-TRUTH #3 – I was asked to leave by Young Living. Again – I have recorded conversations with their CEO, COO, etc… of them begging me to stay. We’ll make products together. We’ll put you on stage with Gary Young… Blah, Blah, Blah… Nope – I left. Do not make that mistake. In one point of the conversations…the head of the company actually said to me “Oh that’s right, animals are your most important part…” Yep – you got that right asshole! Animals will always be priority one to me (okay, well after my own sanity, let’s face it – we do have to take care of ourselves too).

Next up – Here are few things I found out about the company from behind the scenes that make my skin crawl. Their head of Research and Development – “Director of Formulation” Marc Schreuder (now Marc or Marco Gentile) – is a MURDERER. This is not rumor, this is fact. Just Google Marc Schreuder. He shot his grandfather, it is quite a public story. I always wondered why I was uncomfortable around this man. And last year, he showed up to a veterinary conference I was at – with the Young Living Veterinary booth! Are you kidding me!? No – no I am not. And he had the nerve to come to my booth in the exhibit hall, and actually touch my display. At least stay the FUCK away from me if you decide to stalk events I am at… I will not co-mingle with murderers – and if these other vets of the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association wish to ignore this fact about Marc and rub elbows with him in their expo booth, and at their meetings…you go right ahead. But I will not be anywhere near this person, or his energy. And respectfully – ask that you never bring him as a guest to a veterinary event again.

And – in speaking about the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association – let’s go there too. So – WHY might you ask, is the “Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy” phrase trademarked, and not the association? Well, it is registered to Dr. Nancy Brandt. To her alone, not to an organization. I for one, do not think it is correct to trademark a veterinary modality. And although I have been invited many times to join this little “club” there is no way in hell I can. It is ONLY Young Living associated people within it, and on the board. The same veterinarians and professionals who continually spread mis-truths about me, without ever having the common decency to contact me or talk to me directly… Trust me, if an organization for veterinary medical use of essential oils was to be truly started, respected veterinarians from all companies and even without any association would jump to be a part of it. Do not trademark a veterinary modality – and two – if you are to truly represent veterinarians as a community in aromatherapy – you would think at one point, your founding members and committee would actually SPEAK to another veterinarian (myself) instead of just continuing to spread lies… Nope, please do not invite me again. When I first looked at the website for this organization – it had a direct link to Nancy Brandt’s oil ordering page with Young Living. Nope – not professional…

Then, not only does Young Living employ a known murderer – it makes it also not surprising that they would also employ an animal abuser. Freeman Yoder was caught at the Young Living farm – dragging a horse behind a truck. Google it – it is not pretty. However, this asshole actually worked for the company for a very long time. And when this news came out – I can say I honestly almost puked. Years before the incident in which he was CAUGHT ON VIDEO BY A FARM GUEST, abusing a horse – I was called by Gary Young to assist with some oils for a sick horse. I drove on Thanksgiving weekend to visit “Memo” one of their Percheron mares who was “down”. This mare was in the care and training of Freeman Yoder – and the injuries on her did not add up to me for ulcers and sores from “being down” with laminitis. I actually asked him if she had thrashed against the cement wall… Needless to say – this farm, owned by the top essential oil company in the world – did not have ANY oils on site. Odd. So we (my husband and I) taught Freeman and his wife how to use oils for this sweet horse, made her feel a bit better, and left our own stock of oils on the farm for their use until more could be shipped. A few days later, instead of getting veterinary attention from their local vet as I instructed, Freeman shot Memo and killed her. And Gary had the nerve to ask me to sign insurance papers for them! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? And yes, I have pictures, emails, etc… so don’t ever think I cannot back up a word of what I say.

Fast forward to when I am told that “Freeman Yoder was convicted of animal abuse” – my heart sank. The description of a horse being dragged behind a truck, falling down, and being drug again…sure does sound consistent with the injuries I noted on Memo… And then, for veterinarians such as Dr. Jodie Gruenstern – who stand up for Young Living and this horror of a human being – “there is always some bad people” – or “at least they fired him”… He was there for years upon years before this episode. And I find it so disgusting that you would stick up for any part of this. And, I guess its that part of knowing more about a company than others…that gives me a greater insight into the truth than perhaps you do. However, again, if you ever even took the time to talk to me, maybe you’d know this shit. But – then you might have to make a decision based on ethics…

Combine all of this with the fact that the Young Living farm in Utah was originally intended to be a Game Farm – yes, that’s right. Gary wanted to make it a site where he and his buddies could shoot elk – but apparently licensing was not to be granted. This is directly information from farm workers and managers on the farm. And, if you have ever been a guest at the farm in years past ,you would have seen the “petting zoo” situation at the back corner. Horribly housed exotic animals – made this one of the saddest locations on the farm. With millions of dollars available, certainly this collection of animals could have been well cared for. I was contacted many times by farm workers, to help with oil protocols for sick animals. Again – they know nothing of oils for animals – that should be realized as well.

Everyone who has “attended harvest” – you likely haven’t really paid attention much. One harvest we attended (not just me, by the way) – the Gas Chromatography machine was broken (there is not one on site for evaluations as they often claim) – and also the plastic flags on the Christmas trees they were harvesting for distillation, were actually chipped up and yes, distilled. I would say, quality control there sort of fell short in my eyes, and those of others. But, would you hear the other people who had knowledge of this actually speak truthfully. Of course not, they are protecting a paycheck. Which to me, is one of the most disgusting things on Earth. Selling out to a company for money. I can guarantee you that the things that “higher up” distributors know about, but choose to ignore or overlook in light of a paycheck, just makes my stomach turn.

And while I’m at it – let’s cover a few of the “human aromatherapists” or those within the essential oil world who think that I am just “selling” my essential oils – and so I should not be trusted. All I have to say is SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE. Again – if you take no initiative to actually speak to me – or ask me about your concerns for oil use with cats, or whatever, don’t go around bad mouthing a veterinarian… Dr. Patricia Jordan – you should know better as well. Claiming that my products kill cats. I don’t care if people use oils. You do not have to. And in fact, you do not have to agree with me one bit on anything that I do. However, when you select to personally attack me – watch out – because I am not going to sit down and take it.

And for those who would like to say “take the high road” – or “this is so disappointing for you to say negative things” – I politely invite you to go fuck yourself. Veterinarians have the highest suicide rate among professionals. So you know what – if my purging of frustrations and truths makes me a happier person – I have that right. Get off my Facebook page, stop stalking me for information just so you can sell your stuff. And stop associating with me. I don’t need your business, I don’t have to be your friend, and if you don’t like truth – you likely should not be in any sort of relation with me. Period.

Thanks all – I feel tons better. And a shit ton lighter. Please be warned – pictures of Memo (the Percheron mare) are in the comments. I loved this horse from first meeting, and would have trailered her back to my house in an instant if I ever knew they were going to shoot her. My heart breaks every day remembering her, and imagining what she might have gone through. I only wish I could have presented her evidence at the trial for Freeman Yoder. I find it hard to believe that a person who would abuse a horse, in front of farm guests, never did that sort of abusive “training” in all of the years he worked with Young Living before. Someone knew this shit, but chose to stay silent…all for a win in the show ring. Disgusting.

DVM Melissa Shelton